Monday, 10 September 2012

About Division 18

Guess what? Today Ms. Lirenman's class formed for the very first time.  We are pleased to introduce ourselves to you.  Division 18 is made up of 21 lovely children.  We are excited to learn and share with each other.  Please welcome....

Ayyapan, Zahra, Maryam, Sarah, Nicky, Steven, Hannah, Angelo, Ali, Jeevan, Roc, Kaleb, Lucas, Catherine, Sukhleen, Eldon, Breanna, Elma, Kylie, Jaydan, and Recardo.


  1. Hello Division 18, we are Mrs. van Rees' class from room 12.
    We really like your names. We hope we can talk with you more in the school year.
    Have a great week together!
    Mrs. van Rees' Grade one class
    Ontario, Canada

  2. Thank you for visiting us Mrs. van Rees' class from Ontario. We want to learn with you this year too. From Division 18