Saturday 15 September 2012

International Dot Day - Saturday Sept 15th

On Friday, we took the time to celebrate International Dot Day which is a day to remind us to be brave and creative and not to be afraid of art work.  Ms. Lirenman showed us a youtube video version of the story The Dot by Peter H Reynolds. In the story a little girl named Vashti is afraid to give art a try.  Her teacher then asks her to just make a mark on her paper.  Finally she does, and the following week she is suprised to see her mark hanging on the wall.  Not happy to see something as simple as that, she got busy creating her own dots.  The story continues and ends with her inspiring others to make their mark. You can watch the video we watched here.

When the movie was over we talked about it and then Ms. Lirenman  gave us each our own palette of paint which included red, yellow, and blue and told us we could make pretty much any colour we wanted by experimenting with colour mixing. She gave us white (for tints) and black (for tones) too. Then we got creative.  This little movie shows you some of the dots we created too.

Did you do anything to celebrate international Dot Day?


  1. Dear Div 18 those dots are very colourful. I hope you have a wonderful school year.

    Love Trista

  2. Dear Trista, thank you. We had fun making our colourful dots. Ms. Lirenman tells us that you were in her grade on class last year. We are in her class this year. From Division 18


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