Thursday 13 September 2012

Learning to Read to Ourselves

This week we have been learning to read to ourselves.  On Tuesday we chose books for our just right book boxes.  We talked about what reading to ourselves (by ourselves) looked like and how there were three ways that we could read a book.  We talked about reading the words, reading the pictures, and retelling the story.  We also talked about what it looked like to read to ourselves.  A couple of kids in our class showed us the right way, and the wrong way to read by ourselves.  Then we got to practice.

On Tuesday we had a bit of trouble because we could only do it for one minute at first and then two minutes before someone started talking.  On Wednesday we did a bit better.  We lasted for four minutes in a row.  But today we did even better and managed to do it for eight minutes straight.  This wasn't easy for us because some of us really like to talk and share our good books with our friends.  We are very proud of our achievements.  Here are some pictures of us reading to ourselves.

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