Friday, 19 April 2013

Meeting Our Friends from Fraser Heights Secondary

Since before Christmas we've been working with students from Fraser Heights Secondary on a joint collaborative project with Ms. Lees Humanities 8 class, and Mrs. Oakland's Drama 9/10 class.  Back in late November we suggested ideas for stories.  Then Ms. Lee's class wrote the stories.  Then the stories were returned to us and we read, illustrated, and created book using the book creator app.  We also turned our books into iMovies so we could share them with the world.  Once the stories were written Mrs. Oakand's class created plays and movies of the stories.  On Thursday we went on a field trip to Fraser Heights Secondary to see these plays.

To say that we were treated like royalty would be an understatement.  When our parents dropped us off the high school students were ready and waiting for us with individual name tags.  They ushered us off to their theatre and we took our seats.  All the big kids were so kind to us.  When then got to see the stories come to life.

For the first story they had even arranged for some of us to be in the play.  They gave us special masks. It was a lot of fun.

Here are some pictures of some of the other stories being acted out.

You can see here how focussed we were on the plays. You can also see that we are in their theatre so it really felt like we were watching real plays.  They big kids even took the time to chose images as the back drop, and they had sound affects too.  They did a lot of work creating these plays.

After we saw a few plays Mr. Tong's class brought us some snacks that they had cooked themselves.  We had delicious zuchini chocolate chip muffins, and yogurt with fruit.  They really did make us feel special.

Before we had to head back to Bonaccord, their principal came and talk to us too. She welcomed us to her school.

But before we left we still had two more plays to see.  These students created the stories differently though.  These students made video stories. Unfortunately we only had time to watch one of them but it was really good.  Ms. Lirenman says we'll get to see the second one really shortly, but back at our school.

Overall it was a really great field trip.  The high school children took such good care of us and treated us so well.  In fact the entire project was a great adventure. A huge thank you goes to Ms. Lees and  Mrs. Oakland for working so well with us.  And another special thank you to  Mr. Tong for  provding such yummy snack.  It's fun learning with High School children. Have you ever done that before?


  1. This is so amazing! Love the collaboration between the elementary and high school students and teachers. This is an incredibly inspiring project. Thanks for sharing with the world!

    1. You're welcome. It was fun. From Division 18