Thursday 4 April 2013

An Exciting Scrapbook Arrived Today

This afternoon, while we were in music an exciting scrapbook arrived addressed to Ms. Lirenman.

This letter was glued to inside front cover of the scrapbook.

The special scrapbook started travelling around the world last year as part of The Global Classroom Project.

The project started in Australia and then the scrapbook travelled to and Israeli school in Romania!

From Romania it travelled to England.

From England it travelled to South Africa.

From South Africa it travelled back to Australia.

From Australia to travelled to New Zealand.

From New Zealand it travelled to the USA.

And from the USA it travelled to Canada, but more specifically it travelled to US!  We can't wait to fill up our pages in this scrapbook before we send it on to another exciting country.  Now if only the scrapbook could really talk.  We are sure it would have many wonderful stories to tell.  Stay tuned.  We will publish our pages here on our class blog before we send it along.  It's pretty exciting isn't it!

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