Tuesday 2 April 2013

Using Today's Meet

This morning Ms. Lirenman showed us a website called Today's Meet. She had us scan a QR code so that we could get into the secret space. She told us it's sort of like twitter because we can type no more than 140 characters at a time (just like in twitter) but unlike twitter what we say did not go out to the entire world, only our little room. Ms. Lirenman read us a story and we either made predictions about what might happen next in the story, or we wrote our connections to the story. It was a new and fun way to work on our reading. Here are some photos. Ms. Lirenman tells us that we will start using Today's Meet with other classes too. It's a great way to learn. Have you used Today's Meet in your classroom, and if so how?


  1. Dear Division 18 Learners,
    My class loves todaysmeet too! We have used it for discussions about literature as well, but is a little different way. The way we set it up is like this: part of the class sits together in the middle of the room and has a face to face discussion about questions that they have from the book we are reading. They might discuss why a character did what they did, or what they think will happen next. Meanwhile the rest of the class sits around them and has their own discussion on todaysmeet. They might agree or disagree with what the group in the middle saying, but that's okay. Their discussion might end up on a different topic from the book. My class really likes to do this so I am trying to think of other ways that we can use todaysmeet in class. Thank you for sharing your ideas! You can visit us if you'd like. Our class blog is http://mrstharpsclass.blogspot.com
    and some of my students have individual blogs linked to our class blog. We just started blogging this year and are having a lot of fun! We live in western New York, near Niagara Falls. You have a great teacher. She was one of a couple teachers who inspired me to start blogging with my class! Thank you so much for sharing your learning with us.
    Have a great day!

    1. Thank you very much for the comment. We like the way you have children in a circle in the middle and children in a circle in the outside. Ms. Lirenman says we might try that too one day. Did you know this was the longest comment we have ever had but we took our time and we were able to read it all. What grade are you in? From Division 18


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