Thursday 11 April 2013

Learning with Children in Spirit Lake, Iowa

Today we started our 2D and 3D math choices. One of the choices is to work, via skype, with a student in Mrs. DeGroot's class in Spirit Lake, Iowa and to make shape riddles. The object is to try to either give clues about a specific shape, or to solve the clues about a specific shape. We took turns back and forth giving clues, and then answering clues. It was a great way to learn. Here are a few photos of what it looked like from our side of the computer. We can't wait to do it again tomorow.


  1. Karen,
    What a great (seemingly simple?!) idea!! I love how they have their objects right next to the computer, but I love the headsets, too! Would it be possible for you to tweet me the link to them so I can get one or two, too? Thanks! They look like a great solution!

    1. Thank you. We like learning this way too. Ms. Lirenman tells us she told you where she found her headsets. Good luck. From Division 18


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