Tuesday 9 April 2013

Animal Research

Yesterday we began our animal research projects.  We can work either on our own, or with a friend (or two). It was our choice.  Most of us chose to work with a friend since this is all new to us.  We've never done a research project on our own before.

Ms. Lirenman asked us which animals we were curious to learn more about.  She showed us a can, are, have graphic organizer modified from Mrs. Wideen to better meet our learning needs.   Then Ms. L showed us a couple of places to get information about animals on the iPads.

First we looked at the Pocket Zoo HD app.  It's really cool app because it has information about a whole bunch of different animals on it.  In the information there are videos and live cams. And the app even lets you hear the sound that the animal makes.

A lot of us also spent a fair bit of time on the Discovery Education site.  While we've used Discovery Ed in the past, yesterday and today we really used Discovery Ed. Many of us used the search feature to find videos, images, and other cool resources that taught us about the animals that we are curious about.

But of course, a trip to our school library helped us find some great books on the animals we are curious about.

While we are not sure what our final projects are going to look like we are excited to be doing this animal inquiry.  We look forward to sharing our finished products with you.

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