Friday, 12 April 2013

Learning with Miss Komos' Class in Illinois

Today before lunch we read "!" by Ame Krouse Rosenthal.  We then used the website "Today's Meet" to discuss the book with Ms. Komos' grade one class in Illinois.  At first we introduced ourselves to one another, and then we started talking about the book.  While the website, and this back channelling with others is pretty new with us, it was a great new way to learn.  If you're interested you can see our interactions here.

Here are some photos from our side of the conversation.


  1. We love that you wrote about us on your class blog! We loved learning with you and sharing our thoughts about Amy's book. We hope we can do it again!

    1. You're welcome Miss Komos and class. We had fun learning with you and we hope we can do it again soon. Div 18


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