Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Word Work Without iPads

On Wednesdays we often lend out our iPads to Mrs. Morrison's class. Today is one of those Wednesdays but it never stops us from learning. Here is some of our word work fun.


  1. I am a grade 1 teacher in Paris, France. I just found your link and info on KidBLog - what an amazing teacher you are - full of innovative ideas. I am following you on twitter and I am late in the game, but I will start KidBlog with my class now for the next 6 weeks. I just wanted to know, how did you start? What is some good advice - I am ready to just jump right in.
    Thanks very much!
    Tama Trotti

  2. My students have some advice for you.
    1. Make sure you have a title.
    2. Don't ever put your face and your name together on your blog.
    3. You can write stuff in a new post.
    4. Never give your password to someone else.
    5. Remember to publish your work.
    6. Know that the world can read your blog posts so don't give any personal information.
    7. Don't lose your password.
    8. Don't say mean stuff on yours or other peoples blogs.
    9. What you write stays on the internet for ever so be careful what you say.
    10 Have fun!

    We hope these tips help you.

  3. Thank you so much for this advice - I just saw this post. I will share with my class tomorrow. Thank you very much boys and girls!
    Mrs. Trotti