Monday 21 October 2013

More Mystery Number Skype

We continue to learn with other classes around the world.  This week we skyped two times to play Mystery Number Skype.  On Tuesday we played with Mrs. DeGroot's class in Iowa, USA.

As you can see in the picture below we have a growing list of questions we can ask the other classes.  We also  have a class number chart to help eliminate numbers as we need to.  In the photo below you can also see where our classroom computer is. We walk up to it when we want to ask a question.

On Thursday we played with B4 in New Zealand.  While we  just had lunch, they were just starting their school day on FRIDAY!  We had quite a few questions for them since they live so far away from us.  Some of the things we learned from them is that they start what we call Kindergarten on their 5th birthday. That means every child starts school on their 5th birthday whether that be the first day of school or the last. At the end of that school year all children go on to grade one.  What that means is that some children have more time in Kindergarten, and some have less.  

Unfortunately we have no photos of our class Skyping with B4 in New Zealand because the video feature was not working.  However even though we couldn't see them  we heard  their Kiwi accents loud and clear.  They also asked us a question we hadn't heard yet.. "Is it a teen number?". We liked that question and will add it to our list of question we can ask.

Ms. Lirenman tells us that we'll be playing mystery number Skype all year long. There are so many ways we can ask questions about numbers and we have only learned a few.  Have you ever played Mystery Skype? Maybe you'd be interested in playing with us too? One day we hope to be very good at it and Ms. Lirenman believe that we will be.

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  1. I wish my Grade 1 days were as interesting and exciting as yours. I am fascinated with your global learning.
    Did you know that in Malaysia there are 2 school sessions in a day. The morning school session starts at about 7.30am till 1.00pm and the afternoon session starts from 1.00pm till 6.30pm. I think there are 2 school sessions in a day because they are more students than schools !
    Jaslehna's mum.


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