Thursday 3 October 2013

Mystery Number Skype with Mrs. Cassidy's Class

This afternoon we had a mystery number skype with Mrs. Cassidy's grade one class in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. On the first round they had a mystery number and we had to ask yes or no questions to try to figure out their number between one and twenty.   When our first guess was 9 and they said, "yes" we couldn't believe it.  

It was then their turn to figure out our number.  We were all very good at keeping it a secret and only answering yes or no.  Eventually after some questions they figured out our number.

Because we had figured out their number  so quickly the first time we tried they let us have one more turn.  This time we asked a lot more questions such as is it between 12 and 19.   They answered our questions and eventually we figured out their number too.

It was a lot of fun learning with Mrs. Cassidy's class via Skype. Here are some photos from this afternoon.


  1. Great idea! Love the concept and there would be so many mathematical skills used in such a concept. Did the students record what they actually learnt from doing this?

  2. We had a short discussion after the call and there were requests for me. As their teacher, I learned a lot more about my students by the questions that they asked. Another opportunity for formative assessment.


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