Saturday, 12 January 2013


One of the literacy strategies we are working on right now to help us better understand (comprehend) the books that we are reading is called visualizing.  On Tuesday Ms. Lirenman read us this story.

But the thing is she didn't show us any of the pictures as she shared it with us.  We had to make our own pictures in our heads.  When the story was finished we  drew one of the images we visualized.  The lesson was a good way to really make us make pictures in our heads.  Here are some of the things we drew.

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  1. I think this reading strategy is so much fun because you get to "see" how your pictures compare to the ones the author uses to help the reader comprehend the story. We did the same activity with a book called "The Pumpkin Book" at Halloween time. Our class loved drawing the different pictures that they saw while I was reading the story! Keep learning those reading strategies! I liked reading your goals too!Let me know how you are doing with them. We do a lot of the same types of activities that you do in your class. We wrote our goal too. I tried to take a picture of them but it didn't turn out - you couldn't see our writing. Next time!