Monday 28 January 2013

Making Butter

At the beginning of last week, Ms. Lirenman put up our class Wonder Wall.  We have since been slowly adding our wonders to the paper.  Ms. Lirenman noticed that there were three wonders  about butter so she thought it would be a good idea if we made butter as a class so that some of those wonders could be answered.

Today, although 1/3 of our class was home sick, we made butter. Do you know how to make butter?

First we put whipping cream into a container.

Then we started to shake. As you can tell from this video we sang a little song as we shook.

The container of whipping cream was passed around our circle three times. It was shaken A LOT! But with all that shaking it changed from pure liquid, to something pretty fluffy, to butter and milk!  Yes, you read correctly. The whipping cream produced real butter AND milk!

We poured out the milk and we were left with just plain butter. Ms. Lirenman put the butter on crackers for us and we all got to taste it. Many of us wanted a second cracker. The butter was really good!

So now we wonder less about butter because we know where it comes from. We wonder which of our wonders we will explore tomorrow.

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