Saturday, 12 January 2013

Learning a New iPad App - Popplet (light)

On Thursday we were playing with a new iPad App called Popplet (light).  It's a web creating tool but unlike when we created webs for our prewriting on paper, this one is digital and it allows you to add pictures and drawings too.  After we created a class web about "winter" we set off to create our own.  Here we are working on our Popplet's.

Here are screen shots from  Sukhleen and Angelo's  Popplets. 

You'll have to check out our individual blogs because that is where many of us put our completed Popplets.  As you can see, it was a pretty easy tool for us to use independently and it was easy for us to share them too.  Please take the time to check out all of ours.  You'll be impressed with our first attempts.

Here are some direct links to Lucus  , Zahra ,  Kylie and  Recardo 's Popplets.

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