Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Guess Where We Are Now?

Since school started back in September all three grade one classes at Bonaccord Elementary have been taking part in Run Across Canada. We head on our 1.2 km route around our school twice a week in the rain or the clouds or the sunshine.  And guess where we arrived at this past Monday?  Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.  Now that may not seem like a very special place to you, but to us it's a very special place. Can you guess who lives there?

Mrs. Cassidy's Class!

We sent them a tweet today letting them know that we are hoping to have recess with them tomorrow. We know we can't really do that since we are a couple of Canadian Provinces over but it was fun to ask all the same.  We've done a lot of learning with Mrs. Cassidy's class so it's cool for us to know that we have made it all the way to their city. Next stop, Regina before we continue on to Winnipeg.  We're curious to see how far we can travel this year.

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