Monday, 14 January 2013

Linear Measurment

Last week Ms. Lirenman told us about different ways we could work to practice our linear measurement.  She taught us six different ways but said that we got to choose which station we worked at.  The only rule was that we had to practice our linear measuring.

In this station we created a house to go around one of our stuffed reading buddies. Then we had to measure the dimensions of the house. Some of use took pictures of our houses then recorded our measurements  on the picture.  Some of us went even further and talked about what we measured.

In this station we had a spinner game. Every time we spun the spinner we had to measure the object it told us to measure and add that many cm cubes to our metre stick. Did you know 1 metre is 100 cm? The object of this station is to cover the entire metre.

In this station we trace a friend then find different parts of the body to measure. We record those measurements on the body tracing.

In this station we use the camera on the iPad to take pictures of different things we are measuring. Then we up load each picture into Draw and Tell and write the measurement on the picture so people know how we measured the item. Sometimes we add our speaking voice to. Then we take all those clips and add them to iMovie to create a little video.  We are lucky too because with the kidblog app we can easily add these videos to our individual blogs. You should check them out. Some of us have already added some measuring movies to our blogs.

There are still two more stations that no one has worked at yet so stay tuned to see pictures of us hard at work at those stations.

The cool thing about all of this is that Ms. Lirenman doesn't tell us which station to go to. We do all the choosing.  She also lets us decide if we want to work on our own, or if we want to work with a friend or two. While we've always had choice with our reading, writing, and word work now she is finding ways to give us choice with our math learning too.  You'll have to check out our individual blogs to see what amazing things we've been up to. We know you'll be impressed.


  1. We have been very interested in all the measuring you have been doing. We were particularly curious about how you got the writing on your pictures. Now we know. We're going to try out Draw and Tell and see how it works. Then we will learn how to use iMovie.

  2. Ms. Lirenman you are a great teacher, i am so impressed with your blog and how you follow through with the class. GREAT TEACHER INDEED !!!