Monday 28 January 2013

BOY + BOT by Ame Dyckman illustrated by Dan Yaccarino

During the first week back Ms. Lirenman read us a fabulous book called BOY + BOT by Ame Dyckman illustrated by Dan Yaccarino. We liked the book. No we loved the book. Any how Ms. Lirenman tweeted her friend to thank her for the book recommendation. Her friend smiled and let the author know that we liked her book via twitter. The author got a hold of Ms. Lirenman through twitter and asked if she could send us a little something. Obviously Ms. Lirenman said YES and didn't tell us this until today, when our little something arrived.  Ms.  Dyckman sent us a wonderful letter.

She also sent each and every one of us our own bracelet, bookmark, and sticker. She even sent more to be shared through our library.

Of course we are a polite bunch in Division 18 so after recess we decided we should send Ms.  Dyckman personal thank you tweets.

Do you know what? By the end of the day she replied to them too. It just goes to show you how incredible the internet is and how much we can gain by being active on twitter.

And of course Amy Dyckman's book is really fabulous too, just like her. If you haven't read it, we highly recommend that you do.

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  1. Twitter is such an amazing tool - I can't believe your class got a response back from a published author! AND that she wrote you back on twitter too! I love the connections Twitter makes - thanks for sharing your great news! :)

    Mrs. van Rees


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