Tuesday 21 January 2014

A Question from Mrs. Schnare's Class

Yesterday we received a voice message from Mrs. Schnare's class at Surrey Central Elementary.  Listen to what they asked us.

listen to ‘Mrs. Schnare's Class’ on Audioboo


  1. Mrs. Schnare's class we are all doing different writing. Amaan was writing some information about Angry Birds Two Star Wars characters. Grayson was writing about Armies. Keeghan was writing about his great great great grandpa. Brayden was writing about Space Chickens. We were writing about a lot of different things. What do you write about?

    1. WOW! You are sure doing a lot of writing in Grade 1! We are busy writing our own stories after reading Grandpa Dan's Toboggan Ride. We have picked our own characters to fall onto our toboggans. We have chosen people like: vets, principals, mad scientists, artists, an orthodontist, a soccer coach, and more! They are going to be very funny stories! It is hard work though. Thanks for telling us all about your writing. It was fun to read about your classroom. From Mrs. Schnare and Grade Two


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