Saturday, 11 January 2014

The Salmon Eggs have Changed to Alevin!

On Thursday we went back into Mme Kell's classroom to learn some more about the salmon eggs she received back in December.  We learned a bit more about their life cycle and the special equipment to keep them safe in the classroom.

The cool part adds heat when needed, the blue thing is the thermometer .

This big box beside tracks the temperature and makes the water warmer or colder as needed.
When it was time, we looked very closely into the tank to see if the eggs and changed much since they first arrived.  Wow! We were excited to see that they did change over the school holidays.  We could see tiny black bits instead of the eggs but nothing had hatched yet.  Yet is a very important word.

These are the eggs up real close.  Can you see the little Alevin growing inside?
Well you'll never believe what happened the VERY NEXT DAY!  Alevin came out of their egg.  Since they don't swim yet we were able to see them wiggling around in the water.  Their eggs actually stay attached to them as they grow because it's their food supply.  Can you see them in the pictures below? One picture is labeled to help you, one isn't.

It's pretty exciting to know that this is happen right next door in Mme Kell's class.  We learn with a lot of kids around the world but it's great to learn with the kids right next door too.

We are excited to see what happens next with these Alevin.

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