Saturday 11 January 2014

Learning About Measurement with Mrs. Cassidy's Class via Skype

On Friday morning after Community Read we Skyped with Mrs. Cassidy's class to continue to learn about measurement. We played a game called Shortest and Longest.  One person from each class chose an object then a card was shown. The card either said shortest or longest.  If it said shortest the class with the shortest object earned a point.  If it said longest the class with the longest object earned a point.   We did this back and forth six times and the final score was 3 for Mrs. Cassidy's class and 3 for us.

Sometimes, because we were through Skype and couldn't compare up close we had to bring out the ruler to measure.  We quickly learned about starting at the bottom and seeing what number the object ended at.  Then we had to figure out if we were looking for a bigger or smaller number than Mrs. Cassidy's class had to earn the point.

The second game helped us learn about weight.  We took turns back and forth putting two different objects into a balance scale to see which one was heaviest.  Before the object went into the scale we had to decide which object would be heaviest.  If you thought object A was heaviest you would put your hands on your head, if you thought object B was heaviest you would put your hands in your lap.  If you weren't sure you would put one hand on our head and one hand in your lap.  Once all the students committed to something we put the objects into the balance scale.

Over all it was a great way to learn what the government requires us to learn in grade one while having a ton of fun learning with children two provinces over.

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