Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Learning About Cedar

This morning Ms. V came to our classroom to teach us about cedar, and more specifically how the aboriginal people used cedar before other tools were invented.  It was fascinating to listen to her share. We had so many questions for her.

We couldn't believe all these items were made from Cedar.
Some one asked Ms. V to unroll her cedar.  She told us she couldn't because when it's hard it just cracks and breaks. We learned that it's quite wet/soft when it comes off the tree.

Ms. V also showed us many pictures of other things cedar is used for.  Did you know before diapers were invented cedar was used to help keep cloth diapers from leaking every where.  Cedar absorb the liquid.  Eeew!

Here are some of the pictures we saw.

Ms. V. also told us a story about a man who helped everyone. When he died a cedar tree grew on top of his grave so he was able to help people for a very, very long time.

At the end of her presentation, and when all of our questions were answered she gave us a really cool word search.  For many of us it was our very first word search.

Instead of doing his word search Amaan decided to blog about the experience instead.  Here is a screen shot of his blog post.

Check out the original here, and feel free to leave him a comment.

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