Tuesday, 28 January 2014


This afternoon we were very lucky to have a guest in to teach us about the sport of ringette.   We learned about the important safety features and special equipment that you must wear to play the game. She even showed us her helmet and face mask.  At first it looked like a regular ice hockey helmet but then we saw the face mask part had triangles instead of squares so that the end of the stick couldn't get through the mask.  In the picture below we are listening very carefully.  Ms. Lirenman was very proud of us.

We then learned how to hold the stick, making sure our thumbs were facing the right way.

Then we had a ring that we practiced passing between our partner.  Sometimes the ring went really fast which made it hard to catch with the stick, but other times we were successful.  Here are some photos of us passing the ring back and forth.

We ended our session by playing a go/stop game. We had to push the ring forward along the gym floor every time we saw the go sign, and we had to stop immediately when we saw the stop sign.  It was a fun game.

PE was over way too quickly today but thankfully she'll be back next Thursday to teach us some more.


  1. We loved how you taught us how to play ringette. We had never heard of that game before. Sounds like fun. Was it? It sounded a lot like hockey. Is that correct? We play lots of games in PE too! Our favorite game to play in PE is line soccer and doing the pacer. What other games do you like to play in PE?

  2. Many of us had never heard of ringette before either. We really liked it though. The teacher is coming back next week to teach us some more ringette. What is line soccer and doing the pacer? How do you play those games? In PE we also like to play Octopus, and Hot Dog Tag. Do you play those games too?