Tuesday 25 February 2014

A Day of Learning About Magnets

Today we began our day sharing what we think we know about magnets by creating this padlet.  You might want to scroll around a bit to see what we think we know about magnets.

Then we created a second padlet, this time looking at things we wanted to know about magnets.  Here is our second padlet of the day.

Then it was time for us to explore.  Ms. Lirenman had several different types of magnets for us to work with, and many things we could explore.  Based on what we wanted to know she created a list of items we could explore to get answers to our questions.  Some of us used magnets to make other magnets move. Some of us discovered that magnets could work under a table, or a chair, or even our hand.  We are a very curious bunch so to no surprise the room was buzzing  with discoveries of new learning.  After a bit of free exploration Ms. Lirenman regrouped us so that we could talk about our discoveries.  We then explored again looking for new discoveries.

After lunch Ms. Lirenman taught us a little bit more about magnets that we hadn't discovered yet.  We turned a nail into a real magnet that could hold paper clips. We then created our final padlet of the day explaining what we had learned.  As you can probably tell Ms. Lirenman helped us with the typing of this padlet.

Created with Padlet

We ended our day of magnet inquiry by creating our own blog posts. Please feel free to check them out on our student blogs under the tag science.

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