Tuesday 18 February 2014

Our Salmon Alevin Are Fry!

Today after music we went into Mme Kell's room to see how the alevin were doing. Last time we checked they were all hiding under the rocks and we had nothing to see.  Today was completley different and we were so amazed by what was in the tank now.  
We saw fry!

We also learned about the food they are eating now since they have gone through all their nutrients in their sac.  As you can see their red sack is gone now.  Right now Mme Kell is feeding them krill.  We got to see her feed the fry but they were pretty shy.  Mme Kell tells us that they will become less shy.

Here is a sample of their food.

It is pretty amazing to see how they are growing up right infront of our eyes. Stay tuned for more updates.

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