Thursday, 13 February 2014

The Goh Ballet

Today we were lucky. We got to see the Goh Ballet and they performed seven dances for us.  They also taught us about ballet.   

Here is a picture of the dancers who performed for us today.  One dancer is from Surrey, BC just like us and some were from as far away as Brazil and Japan.  

In the first dance the dancers had to move their feet very quickly.  They  made it look easy but we know it was very hard to do.

In the second dance two men were dancing for the love of one girl.  The men were funny. They made great faces and we could tell how they were feeling.  This dance made us giggle and smile.

The third dance was very modern.  The dancers moved like water.  This dance ended very suddenly which surprised us.  It was a very good dance.

The fourth dance was from Swan Lake.  Many of us have heard of that ballet.

The fifth dance was Puss and Boots from Sleeping Beauty. Some of us guessed the name of this dance.

The sixth dance was a ballet from Romeo and Juliet.

The final dance was the Red Ribbon dance.  This one was really exciting to watch.

Between each dance we learned a little bit more about ballet.  We learned about different hand and feet positions.  We learned that ballet started in France a few hundred years ago.  We even learned how to do some lifts.  

It was a great way to spend our morning.  So the next we are asked if we've ever watched  ballet we'll be able to say... YES!

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