Friday 21 February 2014

Learning about a Potlach

On Wednesday, after a morning of exploring littleBits we had a second visitor.  This visitor taught us about aboriginal Potlachs .  We learned that they are held for special occasions like birthdays and weddings. We learned that it is customary to feed and give a gift to anyone who comes to your Potlach.

We learned that special clothing is worn.

We learned that people can arrive in special canoes. When they arrive they must raise their paddle and be accepted to the Potlach, even though they were officially invited.  We found that interesting because it is so different from what we do in our cultures.

After the presentation we worked on making paper button blankets.  Here is a photo of us working on them.  Unfortunately Ms. Lirenman went home sick so there isn't a picture of our finished products yet...

Have you ever been invited to a Potlach?

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