Friday 21 February 2014

Jobs in Our Community - Vision Financial

On Thursday morning one  of our mom's stayed to share her job with us.  She works for Vision Financial. Her job entails many different things.  We learned that if you want to borrow money you can go to her and if your papers look okay she can lend you some of the bank's money.  We also learned that if you don't pay back the bank it's money she will call you to see why.  In addition she is the one that gets to see what's inside the back of the bank machine and she gets to make sure that the right money is there.  Her favourite part of her job is meeting so many new people each day.  Her least favourite part of her job is calling people who haven't paid the bank back, especially when she can understand that they are in a difficult situation.  

We are so glad she came and taught us a little bit about her job.  We are excited to have other family members share their jobs with us too.

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