Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Getting Ready for Our 100th Day of School

Today we talked about things we wanted to explore around the number 100.  Since we start every Wednesday with gym here are things we want to try out in the gym.

We also made a list of things we want to try out in the classroom.

After school Ms. Lirenman was busy getting things ready for us too.  Here are a few things that will be waiting for us to tomorrow.

This is a chart where we will write the 100 ways we were kind.

This is the 100 chart we will use to glue the numbers we find around the classroom that Ms. L. will hide on  us.  She tells us that most years her students seem to have trouble finding one of the numbers.  Last year it was number 55.

These are 100 glasses which we will decorate and wear.

This is a 100 chart that we can shown off to Ms. Lirenman by filling it in.

This is 100 colouring that we can do if we'd like.

These are 100 sorting mats to help us sort our objects from home or our fruit cereals for our necklaces if we would like.

Of course we have all the other jobs to explore along with any others we come up with.  It should be a busy day of learning about 100.

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