Wednesday 16 May 2012

Creating Number Stories

Today Ms. Will was very sick and so Ms. Lirenman had to teach us for the day.  Our whole class has been quite sick in fact.  On Monday we only had 8 of our 17 students well enough to come to school.  Tuesday was a bit better with 11 students, and today we had 12.  Today was also the Musical Theatre show.  Julie in our class has been attending morning practices since January and she has been practicing at home a lot too.  It was a fantastic show and Julie did a wonderful job in the choir.

Unfortunately because the show went over recess time, our music, and then math times were a bit shorter than normal.  Ms. Lirenman knew that Ms. Will had spent a lot of time planning and teaching some incredible math stations so instead of rushing through them she decided not to teach them and to do something different with us instead.

Here are a few of the math stories we created using our white boards, and counters.  Enjoy. We had a lot of fun making them too.

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