Tuesday 8 May 2012

Making Applesauce

For the past few weeks we have been cooking with some of our parents. It has been a really fantastic experience for everyone. We still have at least one more family coming to cook with us too. But today we did something a little different. Today we worked on the collaborative/sharing aspect of the project and we cooked something one of the other classes in our group made. Today we cooked Mrs. Kaput's classes applesauce. First we watched their video to get our directions.

Then we made our own applesauce. As you can see from the movie below we really enjoyed the applesauce.  We also learned that it's really great to learn from another classroom in another country.  Hopefully soon we will get to try other things that the classes have made and maybe they will be able to try to make something we've made too.  In the meantime enjoy our movie.


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