Tuesday 1 May 2012

Working with 3D Shapes

Ms. Will has us working through 2D and 3D shape centres as we learn about those different shapes. For one of the stations we have been creating towers with 3D shapes then filming one another talking about our towers. Here is a small sample of our learning videos.

In another centre we have to sort 2D and/or 3D shapes by a sorting rule that we create. We have to write our rule, then demonstrate our sorting rule by cutting and gluing shapes into our notebooks.  We've come up with some very creative sorting rules.

In our third station we have been trying to cover a predetermined shape with 2D shapes.  This has been a lot of fun too. Here are a few pictures of us hard at work.

In the final centre we are looking for shapes around the room. We have searched for both 2D and 3D shapes.  We're sure you're not surprised but we have found MANY shapes around our classroom.

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