Thursday 31 May 2012

Kite Making

Last Friday we participated in a kite making workshop. We had already decorated our kites with our big buddies the previous week and we were very excited to learn how to actually make the kites ourselves. We were lucky to have so many parent volunteers there to help us. Ms. Lirenman took a lot of photos to document our fun. Please look at our photos and let us know what you think of our kites. 


We learned about many different kites.  

 We had to listen very closely to learn how to make our kites. Then we got to work (and also had a lot of fun)!



We really, really, really wanted to fly our kites right away, but since our big buddies helped us decorate them we decided to wait until we could fly them with our big buddies. We thought we had a lot of fun making our kites, but I think we had even more fun flying them. Ms. Will made sure to takes lots of photos of our kite flying adventure.

We need to make sure our shoes are tied so we can run properly.

It's easy to get a little tangled.

Here are some action shots of our kite flying.

Ms. Will also filmed us flying our kites. Enjoy!

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