Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Using Screen Chomp to Show Number Stories

As we mentioned Ms. Will has us working through some pretty fun math rotations as we learn more about number stories. For one of the rotations we work together using the Screen Chomp iPad app to draw and tell our number stories. While we only have one class iPad and usually have to work together,last week we were lucky enough to have the district loaner set of iPads in our room so some of us got our own iPad to work on.  As you can see by the number of videos here, Paul was really keen to make number stories.  Here are some of the ones we made.  *Please note last week a lot of our class was sick so this group only had two students in it which is why we can only show you Screen Chomp videos from two students.


  1. Great job boys and girls. I really enjoyed your amazing number stories. Thank you for sharing them. Mrs. MacFarlane :)

  2. Fabulous stories. I am going to give this app ago this we


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