Monday 14 May 2012

This is Where We Learn

At the beginning of our participation in the Flat Classroom project we were inspired by a video made by Mrs. Cassidy's class showing us around their classroom.  We wanted to make one too.  While it's taken us a bit longer than we had hoped our video is finally ready and we are excited to share it with you.  Before you check out ours be sure to check out the TWO videos on Mrs. Cassidy's class blog.  There you will find the original video they  made, plus a video made by a class in Greece.  These global connections are pretty incredible.  Click here for the link to those videos.

Now enjoy our video too.


  1. We enjoyed your video. We have a library in our classroom and computers, too. We also have a word wall. We wonder what you use your birthday bear for. Do you get to hold it on your birthday? Does it give you a hug?

  2. Dear Mrs. Cassidy's Class, our bear is actually a Special Person Bear. When you are the Special Person of the day you get to sit with the bear. You can also read to the bear. The bear gives really good hugs. Sometimes we even sit on him. Do you have a special bear in your classroom? We actually have many bears in our classroom but all the other ones are a lot smaller. Sometimes we like to read with them or hold them when we are feeling sad. Thank you for your comment. From Division 16


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