Thursday, 17 May 2012

Do We Know Our Frog Facts?

Ms. Will planned a super fun frog lesson for us but she was at home sick so Ms. Lirenman taught her lesson.  At first we watched a really cool science movie about frogs.  Ms. Lirenman told us that we needed to get as much information as we could from the  movie because we were going to be playing a game with the new knowledge that we had.  Once the movie was over we got a chance to turn and talk with one another and share all the new facts we learned.  We also shared what we already knew about frogs.  Then it was time for the fun game.

Ms. Lirenman put out green pieces of paper all around the classroom.  Each paper represented a lilly pad.  If we got our frog facts correct - if the fact was true we bent down like a frog on the lilly pad and if the fact was not true would stood tall like a person - we then were allowed to jump to another lily pad.  It was a ton of fun and Ms. Lirenman was pleasantly surprised by how well we knew our frog facts.  She'd often ask us why we thought something was true or false and we always had the answer for her.  It was a super fun activity.  Here are some photos of us in our frog positions.

Here are some movies of us jumping from lily pad to lily pad.

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