Wednesday 12 December 2012

Collaborating with High School Students

On Tuesday, we took some time to talk about a project we will be doing in the new year with some high school students from Fraser Heights Secondary.  Ms. Lirenman has been talking with Ms. Lees, and Mrs. Oakland, two high school teachers who teach English, and drama among other things.  Ms. L told us about how we  are  doing a special project with their students.  On Tuesday we did our first  job for the project.

Our first job was to come up with some characters, a setting, and a possible plot for a story.  We had to do this in groups of two or three.  You see Ms. Lirenman  told us that the high school students are going to write our stories.   Because they are writing stories for us, it was important that we suggested story ideas that we wanted to see  created.  

In our small groups we talked about the type of stories we wanted to hear.  One group wanted a story about a dinosaur, ninja, and knight fighting in outer space.  Another group was interested in a story about two brothers lost in the zoo without any parents.  There were several other story ideas too but we don't want to share them all yet.

Here is some of the thinking behind our ideas.

Now that our ideas are complete, Ms. Lirenman sent them off to Ms. Lees, and Mrs. Oakland.

At the high school some of Ms. Lees' English students are going to write our stories based on the ideas we submitted.  Once those stories are written some of Mrs. Oakland's students are going to act out our stories.  Once our stories are written we are also going to illustrate our stories digitally, with the hopes of creating digital story books complete with illustrations and all.  In addition we are going to travel to their school, and watch our shows be performed by the drama students.

Pretty cool hey?

So please, check back often as we update where we are at with this special project.

There are more exciting times for us.

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  1. Wow!!! This sounds like such a fun project. I can't wait to hear how it is going. I'll be checking in regularly to hear about your progress. We just finished doing some acting and really liked it!


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