Sunday 23 December 2012

Special Community Read

On the last Thursday morning of the term Ms. Lirenman hosted a special Community Read.  Like every Tuesday and Thursday she invited our families into the classroom to read with us. This time though she provided treats for everyone. There was coffee for the grown ups, chocolate milk and juice for the kids, and muffins, fruit, and cookies for everyone.  We also had two special guests from the school board office Dr. Elisa Carlson, and Mrs. Lilah Martin.  Here are some photos from this special event.


  1. Ms. Lirenman,
    Thank you for inviting us to the special community read. I thought the chocolate milk and muffins were very yummy. It was alot of fun to meet you and to see inside my big brother's classroom. I think that you are very generous.
    Kaleb's brother Kian

    1. Kian, it was a real pleasure having you and your mom join us for community read. I'm glad you liked the snacks too. Hopefully we'll do it again in the new year. You are welcomed to join us every Community Read. They are held Tuesday and Thursday morning through out the year although there aren't usually snacks. Ms. Lirenman

  2. Wow what a fantastic idea to have families come in and read to you. We have a mystery reader come in to read to us which we enjoy.

  3. Kaleb wants to know if mystery reader is magic. Elma wants to know how did you find your mystery reader?


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