Tuesday, 11 December 2012

They are GONE!!

Who you ask? Gingerbread Sandy, and Gingerbread Santa that's who! Some how they snuck out last night even though we locked them up good and tight in the iPad cart.  It was so sad to see their note this morning.  We were so good to them leaving them food, taking them with us where ever we went.  But it didn't matter. They snuck away anyhow.

We were so sad that they left that we had to do something.  We made LOST posters.  Some of us made them with paper and put them around our school, and some of us made them using the Draw and Tell app on iPads.  Here are some of our posters.

Here are some of our "LOST" Video Posters

So if you've seen either or both of them out and about PLEASE return the either to us, or to Mrs. Sarchet or Mrs. Leech's classes.  We all want them back safely as quickly as possible.  They sure are sneaky little gingerbread people.

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