Monday 10 December 2012

Ways to Show Subtraction Knowledge

Some how we learned, practiced, and modified our subtraction stations but never actually shared what we were doing with you.  In addition after the first week and on suggestion by Roc, Ms. Lirenman stopped telling us which stations we had to go to, and let us decide how we wanted to show her what we knew about subtraction.  Most of us really liked this choice because it allowed us to be in complete control of our learning. You can see in this movie we are all doing our own thing, working at our own level, learning subtraction.

Just so you aren't confused there are 21 students in our class.  You can't see everyone in the video above because some of use are using the iPad app Educreations to draw and talk about our subtraction math. We often record our talking  in the hallway outside of our classroom because it's usually quieter. (Although there is a kindergarten class right across the hall from us so you can often hear their voices in our recordings).

Now to be honest, with all this choice we must admit that some of us do have trouble getting down to work.  Thankfully Ms. Lirenman is always there to redirect or support us when we need it. We are in grade one after all.

Also in case you're wondering, if we came up with a different way to show Ms. Lirenman what we knew about subtraction we could use that way too.  As someone only five or six it was great to have this responsibility.  It makes learning meaningful to us, and a lot of fun.

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