Friday 21 December 2012

Santa's Coming To Town

On Wednesday we were suppose to sing Santa's Coming to Town with the other grade one classes but our school had a power outage so we had to cancel. Then on Thursday afternoon we tried again. Ms. Lirenman filmed us in front of the entire school but we were in the back row so we were hard to see. So today Ms. Lirenman filmed us singing and doing our moves in our classroom.  Unfortunately Ms. Lirenman didn't have the music but you'll see we are pretty good even without music.  Enjoy.


  1. Great singing div.18! You all did a fabulous job during the sing along in the gym . I love the actions you do along with the words. It must have taken alot of practice!
    Ms. Gill

  2. Wow, I dont think i could have done better, what a group. Just the perfect actions and words ever. Awesome work Division 18 (zahras mum)


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