Saturday 2 June 2012

Our Other Math Stations

We have already shared that during our word problem math unit we have used the Screen Chomp and the Show Me apps on the class iPad to draw and record our own number sentences.  We also showed you some of the silly movies we made as we acted out number sentences.  But, we haven't told you about our two other math rotations.

The first rotation was inspired by Mrs. Wideen's grade one class in Ontario.  Ms. Lirenman read her blog post on word problems.  Mrs. Wideen talked about having a word problem on a label, putting the label into a notebook then drawing and writing the number story.  It's solving math in pictures, numbers and words.

Here are some samples of our math in pictures, numbers, and words.


For our fourth rotation we had to do the pictures, numbers, and words on our own.  While it was a bit challenging at first, we certainly got the hang of it and were pretty creative with what we were writing.

Learning about math has never been so much fun.  How have you learned about word problem math?

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