Wednesday 20 June 2012

A Day at the Beach

Today we spent the day at Crescent Beach.  We're not sure how Ms. Lirenman did it but she picked the most beautiful day of the month for our field trip and she picked this day back in SEPTEMBER!  If you have any idea about the weather we've been having lately - think rain, rain, rain, and more rain -you'd be just as surprised as we were to have a beautiful warm (but not too hot) sunny day.

Instead of Ms. Lirenman writing our blog post this time she decided to let us write about our day.  Here is what some of us had to say.  If you want to read more of our blog posts just click the Individual Blog link at the top of this page. Please note that this writing has come straight from our individual blogs which we wrote when we got back from the beach and that Ms. Lirenman  has NOT edited our writing.

Today our whole class went to the beach first we went on a school bus. Then when we were there we builded a sand castle. And before we made a sand castle we went on a scavenger hunt we had to look for a log, sand flea, sand dollar and a starfish and other stuff. By Marcus

Today I went to the beach did you ever went to the beach?Me and my friends so a big stor fish! I so to fish thay did look the same.But my favret port is the big fish I think ?Me and my friends wer beledenig a sand casel.I didn’t go to the water.Have a good summer! By Alicia

I. Went to. The beacon. It Was fun.I played. in the sand with jesse. I saw a purple starfish. By Adrian

At the beach we saw a lot of people.At the beach Marcus,Paul,me,and Lawrence found a fish with water in the hole.When Marcus,Paul,Lawrence,and me saw Marcus’s dad with Marcus’s little brother build a awesome sand castle.It had a mode to make it fancy.When we build the mode then the bridge brake. By Eric

Today we went to the beach. We road on a school bus. Some of us made a sand Casals. Our hands got very,VERY dirty! We even so a star fish. But it was not were it was sapostu be. All of us loved climbing on the rocks. Some of us ate our snacks on the rocks. I hope we comeback soon! By Trista

I saw a starfish at the beach. I saw a little crab. I played at the beach. The beach was fun. I saw lots of people there. I brot a bucket to play at the beach. I saw shells at the beach. I went to the beach with my class at a school bus. I tryed to build a sand castle but it was hard to build. I saw a green seaweed in the water. I saw a big purple starfish in the sand. The sand was warm and hot. By Jennica

Today we had a field trip to crescent beach. We went there by a school bus. When we where ther we ate our snacks then we went to find a Starfish, a tide pool, a barnicle, a boat, sand, a seagull, a sand flea, a crow and waves some more. Me, Eric, Lawrence and Marcus made a sand castle then we had Lunch then when Marcus’s Dad and Marcus’s little brother made another sand castle and then some more came and saw the castle then left and then some more came and made it break then it was time to go back to school and write this Blog. By Paul

The beach was fun .I tried to make a sand castle and we strfish .Lawrencea and Eric Paul Marcus fund a fish. By Brooklyn

A special thank you goes out to Menura, Shayoni, and Paul's moms for coming with us on the school bus, and to Brooklyn, Trista, and Marcu's families for joining us at the beach.  It was a really great day and we could not have done it with out your support.


  1. Well written! Glad you had a great day! My class had a perfect day for our trip to the water park! Thanks again for the visit yesterday!

    Mrs Pulvers

  2. Wow! What a great day you all had! You are right, it was a beautiful day and the perfect day for a trip to the beach. I'm glad you all had such a memorable time together.

    Trista's Mom


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