Sunday 24 June 2012

Goodbye Ms. Will

Ms. Will has been with our class for the past thirteen weeks as a teacher candidate from UBC.  During the past 13 weeks we have gotten to know her really well and she has become part of the Division 16 family.  Friday was her last day in our class.

Direct from their individual blogs, here is what some of our students had to say about Ms. Will.

Today it is Ms. Will’s last day of school we have to really behave to Ms. Will. We are going to miss Ms Will because she is a special special teacher. I wish she could stay with us more because she teaches us fun math. I’ll miss Ms.Will will you miss Ms. Will because I will really miss her Tomorrow and she is a good teacher and she is very very fun teacher but to bad she nevered played drama with us. I hope that she comes back and visits. She is an nice teacher and I a, going to miss ms. Will. By Marcus

ms.will is nice to us and helpfoull and osimme i like ms.will. By Lawrence

Ms. will is leaveing the class tomorrow. I am sad that ms. will is leaving tomorrow. I will miss her. But she is coming back. I am happy when ms. will is back. Ms. will is going to be a real teacher soon. Ms. will is going to teach us when she is a teacher in grade one. Ms. will is going to miss us tomorrow. Ms. will is going to miss us all.I hope ms. will is going to have a nice day somewhere elase. By Jennica

My tesher is going I don,t whont my tesher to go wawawawawawawawawawa if you had a tesher thate was living will you be sad ?I will be sad .ms ,will is a fun tesher .I hop if you wher in ms will s class you will like to be in you ms wills class!I will mes you ms will nober 1 ! By Alicia

ms.will is is good. i am so sad that ms.will is going.good luck By Koden

Ms.Will is a studet techer in our class. But she is leving tomorrow! I gave her card to say thank you for being a griat techer. I hope she has a marvalus time at her new school. I lovd her math she toat to the class. The class also made a book for her. She was a awesome techer and I will miss her. I MISS YOU MS.WILL!!!!!!!!!!! By Trista

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