Tuesday 26 June 2012

Mirror, Pulse, and Grocery Game - Having Fun with Drama

Today we learned three new drama games.  The first was called Mirror.  In Mirror you face a partner. One partner moves slowly and the other partner has to mirror the moves.  We played while sitting down and our movements were limited to mainly our hands and heads.  After a few minutes we switched roles. Here are some photos of us playing Mirror.

The second game we played was called Pulse. In Pulse we sat in the same formation in two long teams.  Ms. Lirenman shook a coin in her hand while we all held hands with our eyes closed - well each team held hands in their long lines.  The two people closest to Ms. Lirenman got to keep their eyes open because they were looking to see if the coin was on heads or on tails.  If it was on heads the line leader (the person with their eyes open) squeezed the hand of  the person beside them. That set off a 'pulse" down the line as each student would squeeze the person beside them when their hand was squeezed.  When the squeeze made it all the way down to the person furthest from Ms. Lirenman there was a race to grab the role of tape on the back counter. The team whose pulse moved quickest got the role of tape, and won that round. When you win a round the person furthest away (the one who grabbed the tape) moves to the spot closest to Ms. Lirenman and the rest of the team shifts down one chair.  But, if the coin lands on tails then no pulse is sent down the line.  If a person grabs the tape when there isn't a pulse then the team that doesn't grab the tape wins that round and moves chairs as required.  In order to "win" the game the player that started closest to Ms. Lirenman has to make it down the chairs and back to Ms. Lirenman.  In case you're curious the team you can see in the above photo won this game.

The third game we played is called Grocery Game.  Each child is given a number and the person across from them has the same number.  Then Ms. Lirenman randomly calls out one of our numbers and says a letter.  So for example she would say number 4, m .  The two number 4s would have to think of an item found in a grocery store that beings with the letter m. The first one to think of an item stands up and shouts out their item - in this case it might be mushrooms, or milk or...  The team that shouts out a correct answer first gets a point for their team.

All three games were a lot of fun.  Do you have special Drama games in your class?  We would love to hear about them too.  Maybe you can try to play ours?  We have others too but we don't know if we'll have time to play them again.  Hopefully we will.

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