Friday 8 June 2012

We're Smarter Than You Think....

Today during Free Choice Friday a couple of us were using the Let's Create! Pottery HD Lite app to create pottery.  If you don't know the app it's quite a lot of fun. You are given a lump of clay on a spinning wheel and you can manipulate the clay to create pottery.  Anyhow as we were creating we realized that what we really wanted to do was paint our new pottery pots.  So guess what we did?

Well, yesterday in math Ms. Lirenman taught us how to take a screen shot so that we could take what we created in the Tens Frame app and add it to the Draw and Tell app.  Since we are smarter than you think  when we finished creating our pottery we remembered how to take a screen shot, and we did.  Then we uploaded our pottery screen shot into Draw and Tell and used the tools  to decorate them. Aren't we smart!  It certainly made Ms. Lirenman smile.  She knows we are really smart, but she loves it when we use our brains to solve our problems.

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