Monday, 25 June 2012

Meeting Mrs. Cassidy's Class Over the Internet

We're not sure if you've noticed or not but one of the grade one blogs that we've been following and visiting a lot belongs to a class in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. This is Mrs. Cassidy's Grade One Class.  Ms. Lirenman and Mrs. Cassidy have been talking and they thought it would be great if we could finally meet one another. So guess what, today we did!

At first we tried to use FaceTime. It was really awesome and very clear but after a few minutes it started to crash on us and we couldn't use it any more.  So then we moved to Skype.  After a few technical difficulties there we were finally able to get it working.  Mrs. Cassidy's class read us an Elephant and Piggie story by Mo Willems. We love hearing stories so it was nice to have some one different read it to us.  We loved how Mrs. Cassidy would show us the pictures and how her students would read us the words.

After the story was over it was our turn to share with them.  We shared some of the frog jokes we have learned.  We can't tell you what they are yet though because we have another Skype call planned for Wednesday before lunch and we will be sharing our jokes then too.  We can't tell you who we will be skyping with either but it is another class that we follow closely.  Are you curious? We hope so but you'll have to wait and see.

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