Friday 9 November 2012

A Message from Our Global Read Aloud Friends in NYC

Ever since hurricane Sandy hit the east coast of the USA we have been worried about our Global Read Aloud friends from Leman Manhattan Prep School.  Last week Ms. Lirenman received an e-mail from their teacher Mrs. Madonna saying that their school was closed for a week but she was hoping it would re open this past week.

Yesterday Ms. Lirenman received another update from Mrs. Madonna about what they have been going through at their school  With her permission Ms. Lirenman is sharing it here for everyone to see.

Hello Ms.Lirenman and Division 18,
We are so thankful for your note and care. We are doing well. Yesterday was the first day that everyone came to school.  It has been hard to get to school because some of the children have gone to live with relatives far from school. We finally have our cafeteria back. It was under water. Everything had to be cleaned. We still do not have heat and today was the coldest day of all. We are trying to wear layers. We had snow yesterday so it was particularly cold for this time of year. We are almost done with Charlotte's Web. On election day when President Obama won we voted too. We voted for our favorite character in Charlotte's Web. Charlotte won in our class but Wilbur won in the other two classes. We hope to be able to talk with you again.
Class 515

We here at Division 18 are really glad they are doing okay all things considered. They have been through quite a lot, and when things get a back to being a little more normal for them we hope that we can skype with them again to hear their stories. In the meantime we will continue to think about them often and hope that they get their heat and power back soon.

Do you know anyone that was affected by hurricane Sandy?

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