Saturday, 17 November 2012

Skyping with Ontario - Ms. Horst's Grade Ones

On Friday morning about 20 minutes after our day began, we were invited to Skype with Ms. Horst's grade one students from Burlington, Ontario. Ms. Horst's class has been working on a data collection/graphing unit in math and they wanted a larger sample size.  We were happy to oblige.

They asked as many different survey questions and we had to choose our answers from the choices they gave us.  For example we were asked our favourite colour and we were given a list of choices to choose from.  We had a lot of fun helping them out with their math learning, and getting to know them a little bit too.

When they were finished collecting data from us, we had a few questions for them.  Well actually we had more than a few questions but they only had time for a couple as it was their lunch time.  Feeling like we still had more to ask them after the call was over we decided to use our class twitter account to ask them.   We tweetedfour more questions that we had  for them (Ms. Lirenman LOVES it when we are curious) and they answered our questions.

It was another very successful skype experience.  Now if you're curious, here is a map of where we live, and where they live.  We are certainly getting to know a little bit more about Canadian geography through these skype calls.

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