Thursday 1 November 2012

Mrs. Leech, Ms. Lirenman, Mrs. Sarchet, and Mrs. Wideen's Classes Thoughts on Charlotte's Web

Mrs. Wideen in Ontario has set up this wonderful wall wisher as a place for us to leave comments about Charlotte's Web. Ms. Lirenman is hoping that we will add some information to this Wall Wisher too. Maybe you can help us out by adding a comment or two about the book? Much thanks.


  1. I love the wallwisher. It is a great way to share ideas. I am going to have to show my students your class blog again. They are going to be so excited to see their ideas on your blog. We were sad that we couldn't Google Hangout today but we look forward to meeting again in Google Hangout.

    1. We liked your comments on this Wall WIsher too. We added some of our own as well. It was fun having a google hang out with your class and Mrs. Sarchet and Mrs. Wideen's classes. Division 18


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